Undergraduate Programs

Are you interested in helping the environment and learning how plants can improve human well-being?  You should consider a major in Horticulture or Agronomy in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

There are many career opportunities for students interested in plant science, and our faculty are eager to help prepare you for them. Our programs place strong emphasis on real-world experiences through the CALS Internship Program, allowing students to earn college credits and sample various careers. Nearly all of our undergrads complete at least one internship.

Students explore the science of grain, feed and forage crops including plant biology, ecology, genetics, biotechnology, crop management and the interactions among cropping systems, climate and the environment. Graduates are prepared for everything from the pursuit of a graduate degree to careers in science, education, agriculture, agribusiness, environment and conservation.

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Students explore the science of edible and ornamental plants, including biology, ecology, biotechnology and crop production. Graduates prepare for careers in food production, community supported agriculture, public gardens and parks, landscaping, greenhouse production, golf courses, urban agriculture and community-based education, as well as graduate study in plant sciences.

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