Taqdeer Gill

Graduate Student - Wang Lab


Yi Wang

Research Focus

Horticulture PhD



Where did you complete your undergraduate/master’s/PhD?

Undergraduate: Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana (India)

Master’s: Tennessee State University, Nashville (United States)

What is your research about and what is the impact? How does it relate to the horticulture industry, what is the goal?

My research focuses on developing remote-sensing-based decision support models for nitrogen management of vegetable crops. Sustainability in agriculture can only be achieved with the use of precision agriculture techniques. My research at UW-Madison will directly benefit a large group of farmers who cultivate vegetables like green beans, kidney beans, sweet corn, peas and carrots since our long term goal is to develop an open source platform which can help in the nutrient management.

Why did you choose UW-Madison? What is your favorite part of Madison?

I chose UW-Madison because its excellent research facilities and my avid interest in precision agriculture. I was really intrigued by the research program led by Dr. Yi Wang.

Also, I am really excited to bike around during summer and explore Madison.

What was the path you took to work in plant sciences? And then what advice would you give to your younger self to get into the field/career you are in today?

Coming from the family of farmers, I have closely observed the problems faced by the farmers during the cultivation of crops. It inspired me so much to pursue my career in agriculture so that I can do my best to help farmers increase the crops yield in sustainable manner.

If I would get a chance to give an advise to my younger self, it would be “Dream big, never settle for less and sky is the limit”. All goals can be achieved with consistency, hard work and honesty.