Dharani Suresh Babu

Graduate Student - Mura Lab


Jyostna Mura and Amaya Atucha

Research Focus

Horticulture PhD



Where did you complete your undergraduate/master’s/PhD?

UG at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India and Masters at North Dakota State University, ND.

Dharani Suresh Babu

What is your research about and what is the impact? How does it relate to the horticulture industry, what is the goal?

Wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries in the United States. Aware of the importance of cranberry in Wisconsin, my study focuses on determining the stages of growth of different varieties, which will enable cranberry producers to monitor cranberry development in accordance with their management methods and rapidly changing environmental conditions.

What groups or initiatives or hobbies are you working with on campus or in Madison?

I got selected by two honor Societies, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Sigma Pi. I am honored and glad to be a part of these societies. I am a part of Madison’s badminton group too.

If you went to the past, what would your younger self say they wanted to be when they grew up? What between then and now inspired the change in careers?

During my childhood I wanted to become a Air Force Officer. Since I started to wear glasses I got rejected in the Physical exam though I cleared all rounds of my written exams. Indeed, it made me to change my career path. Always, I would like to serve for the nation. Keeping this in mind, I decided to pursue my career through agriculture. I thrived and continued to pursue my career in agricultural sciences. Now, I am glad that all my hard work and sincerity gave me an opportunity to pursue my PhD at one of the most reputed Universities in the nation.