Dan Undersander

Professor Emeritus


(608) 263-5070

Office Location

353 Moore Hall

A person smiles brightly. They have a white beard and wear a red lanyard.

Dan has retired. if you need assistance with forages, please contact your County Extension Office or Yoana Newman, Assistant Professor of Forages, UW-River Falls.

Dr. Dan Undersander’s research program has four major objectives that include: determining factors affecting alfalfa plant health and survival; best management for harvested forage – big bale wrapping, fermentation of silage; optimum management practices for intensively grazed pastures considering forage, yield, quality, and effect on wildlife; and developing equations for Near Infrared Reflectance spectroscopy for release to commercial forage testing laboratories.

Dr. Undersander’s extension program includes being co-leader of state wide Team Forages involving specialists and county agents from across the state, responsible for developing programming directions, efforts, and tools needed for forages extension; transferring research-based agronomic information to the public through radio tapes, newspaper articles, website, etc.; working with national effort on e-Extension to develop information technology for providing information to public; and working with national effort to increase visibility/awareness of forages through state and federal agencies.