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Graduation Checklists

MS Graduation Checklist

PhD Graduation Checklist

Make sure you are aware of all degree deadlines.

Warrant Request form:

Warrant Completion Instructions for Students

Mid Point Assessment

PhD Certification Form

MS Certification Form

Post Defense Assessment – To be given to your committee at the time of your defense. The committee will confidentially return to the graduate coordinator.

Advisor/Lab Change Procedure

On and Off Campus Student Resources– This is a living document prepared by a small group of Graduate Program Coordinators. The document will be housed on the Russell Labs website.

Canvas program orientation course – All students receive an invite for this course which contains information on campus resources, department contacts, and how to for things like travel and reimbursement. If you do not have access, email the Graduate Program Manager or the Agronomy Main Office.

What is Dissertator Status?

Academic Policies and Procedures

The Guide to Graduate Student Life

Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council

Field Safety Guidelines

Listservs: To be added to a listserv please email